To help the tribals in skill promotion, enhance products thus ensuring sustained livelihood.


Creating environment to boost local artisans business and their development.

The uniqueness of India lies in its diversity! Different regions, different cultures, different art….so much of variety. There are many regions in India which are known for specifically for their unique culture and lifestyle. One such state in Central India is, Chhattisgarh! It is a home to some of the densest forests of the country and a native place for many tribes including some very primitive tribes.

These tribal inhabitants have developed their own form of performing and visual arts. The items and artifacts made by these tribal artisans are unique and precious. This art is an expression of their culture and faith. Each piece of art has a story to tell. The artifacts made by these artisans are a reflection of one of the most ancient culture on this planet. But due the high degree of underdevelopment in the region the artisans are not able to market their products and get a fair price for their art.

It is precisely here that Iconic Legends comes into the picture. Iconic Legends envisions taking this art to global platforms where it can get handsome appreciation as well as remunerative prices. Iconic Legends is a bridge between the artisans and the market. It tries to serve duel purposes of providing handsome remunerative prices to the tribal artisans and secondly to make these unique artifacts available to the world in the most affordable, reliable and seamless manner.

Our Team

Anjali Jain

Anjali Jain is a Post graduate in Botany and holds Diploma in Travel tourism and Business Administration. She is also a holder of Diploma in Beauty culture and has successfully completed a Certificate course in Microdermabrasion from the USA. She runs an Ayurvedic wellness Center along with her husband Dr. Mukesh Jain. Anjali has been organizing exhibitions of ‘Batik Prints’ in Central India. Being a connoisseur of art, she particularly interested in the Tribal Art of Chhattisgarh. In her spare time Anjali enjoys Gardening & painting.

Nilay Bannore

Nilay Bannore is an alumnus of the prestigious Vishveshvaraya National Institute of Technology, Nagpur. He has been a successful entrepreneur and heads corporations like Elesun Automation Pvt. Ltd., Electric Point Corporation and Elesun Systems pvt. Ltd. A company in distribution network of Electrical & Electronic Switch Gear components and Industrial automation. Nilay has a passion for delivering the best to the customers and that keeps him surging. He is the driving force behind Iconic Legends and ensures quality of product delivery apart from taking care of Marketing, Finance and Legal matters of Iconic Legends.